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We meet again ll Dylan and Caterina

Caterina had been pacing her room, how could she have been chosen for the games. The blinding sun shining through the window, it’s rays highlighting her hair.  Although the outside was so beautiful, all she could think of was the upcoming games.  She thought she was alone, and then she remembered Dylan. He was about her age, just a year older, and he was her district partner. He had been quite popular with the girls back home, but she had never had the guts to even try to talk to him, as courageous as she was.  She walked out of her room on the train, and into the dining room. It was decorated with the most expensive decor she had ever seen. The colors were amazing, and she would enjoy them more, if she wasn’t heading to a place so cruel. She decided to sit by the window. Caterina stared at the scenery that seemed as though it was just a blur. Green rushed by, and she wondered if this could relate to life in general. It goes by so fast that sometimes it’s all a blur. She thought of this for a while, and thought of home. She turned her head when the door slid open. “Hello.” She said quietly in the person’s direction. “It’s unfortunate our paths must cross here, isn’t it?” Caterina was nervous, but she didn’t dare show it. She had to be levelheaded if they were going to effectively work together.